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First: some dog bone cookies. Because, you know, a novel about a dog needs dog bone cookies at its launch. DH and I made them last night after we put little e down to sleep. Plain, simple, sweet, buttery sugar cookies. No icing, no spice. I haven’t made them without adornments in years and didn’t last night because I didn’t have the time, but now I’m glad. We forget how good simple things can be.

And now: the launch.

A second hand kids’ bookstore run by the local literacy association hosted a gathering today for a reading and signing of my book, Nobody’s Dog. It was great fun! A class of ten-year-olds, some family and friends, co-workers, a few of my adult students and some friendly strangers all crowded into the shop this afternoon. The cookies went over a treat. Thanks to everyone who came out!

I was also interviewed by a local radio station and that conversation will be online soon, and I’ll post the link when it is.



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  1. Look at YOU!! Oh I am so proud and so sad I wasn’t there. And not because of the cookies either (but they do look scrum-diddly-umptious!). What a special moment to savour. I vowed not to start reading your book until I had a little less on my plate and I could properly relish it. Of course I cracked it open, started reading and am I now hooked. Doh! Am absolutely loving it and racing through to the very end ignoring unnecessary chores like eating, showering, looking after my children…etc 😉 So very proud of my wonderful friend. Hugs, Hannah x


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